Architects Registration Board

Architects Registration Board (Jamaica)

Architects Licensed to Practice for 2024

The list of Registered Architects Licensed to Practice as of the 1st February 2024 

The following represents those persons legally authorized to practise Architecture in Jamaica for the year 2023 by authority of the Architects Registration Act, 1987, which states;

  1. Subject to Section 16, with effect from such date as the Minister may, by order, specify, no person unless he is a Registered Architect shall, in Jamaica –

    (a)   carry on the practice of architecture;

    (b).  take or use, in relation to himself, the designation “architect” either alone or in conjunction with any other words or initials in such manner as to imply that he is qualified to carry on the practice of architecture in Jamaica;

    (c)   take or use, in relation to himself, any designation, title, name, initials or description indicating or implying that he is entitled to carry on the practice of architecture in Jamaica.
  2. A person shall be deemed to carry on the practice of architecture if he practices any branch of the profession of architecture or if, by verbal claim sign, advertisement, letterhead, card or in any other way, represents himself to be an architect or, through the use of some other title, implies that he is an architect or that he is registered under this Act or holds himself out as being able to perform or does perform any architectural service or work.

    ALBERGA, Errol C.003'2024/037
    ALBERGA, Kiva L.1302024/001
    ALBERGA, Tracy A.1472024/038
    ANDERSON, Guenet S.056'2024/002
    ANGUS, Je'Anne M.E.2122024/025
    ASHER, Stephen M.024'2024/041
    AUDEN, Nicole2192024/054
    BASTON, Robert D.1332024/093
    BATTICK, Ryan2202024/094
    BERNAL, Brian J.1622024/055
    BERNAL, Guila M.1412024/056
    BERNARD, Susan M.1242024/026
    BRADFORD, Richard1992024/057
    BROOKS, Errol V. 096'2024/058
    BROWN, Rolbert S.099'2024/027
    BURTON-CLARKE, Denise2142024/059
    CHANG, Lydia E.1942024/034
    CUTHBERT, David L. St. G.1922024/003
    DEANE, Lincoln J. M.050'2024/060
    DENNISON-HERON, Stacey-Ann S.1902024/061
    DOUGLAS, David P.1712024/063
    DOUGLAS-STEPHENSON, Camille2092024/042
    DOWDING, Vidal S.J.1722024/064
    FACEY, Stephen B.031'2024/065
    FERRON, Laurie S.1662024/004
    FISHER-CASSERLY, Maxine2102024/066
    FOWLER, Robert H.030'2024/005
    FULLER, Robert A.1402024/028
    GARDNER, Rivington A. R.013'2024/006
    GUTHRIE, Dane S.1832024/067
    GYLES, Michael J.021'2024/068
    HAMILTON, Leighton A.0832024/043
    HAMILTON, Owayne D.2232024/007
    HAUGHTON, Ayesha2072024/069
    HAY, Karin P.1462024/022
    HEHOLT, Joseph M.1422024/035
    HENKE-BROWN, Joanna M.R.2242024/070
    HENRY-EVANS, Michaelia A.2212024/071
    HESSON, Claudia C.2252024/008
    HOILETT, Shardae A. D.2342024/044
    HONG, Dahcia A.S.2262024/045
    IRONS, Marcus B.2312024/072
    JACKSON, Conrad A.1782024/039
    JOHNSON, Darien A.2112024/029
    JOSEPHS, Richard K.K. 2352024/095
    KAMBUI, Kamau032'
    LATCHMAN, Daren V. St.C2332024/073
    LAWTON, Jacquiann T.1192024/009
    LAZARUS, Danielle R.1842024/074
    LIM SANG, Chadrick A.2282024/010
    LOEWE, Ruth Y.066'2024/090
    LOPEZ, Bruce F.1812024/036
    LYN, Martin E.1022024/011
    LYN, Michael X.038'2024/031
    MADDEN, Isiaa N.1442024/101
    MAFFESSANTI-HIGGINS, Nancy D.1822024/102
    MARR, Gary O.025'2024/076
    MATANDARA-CLARKE, Mlela1702024/097
    MATTHEWS, H. Hugo1952024/091
    McFARLANE, Matthew P.2392024/096
    McGRAHAM, Donald A.085'2024/100
    McINTOSH, Lorie-Ann T.2022024/075
    McINTYRE, Raymond A.029'2024/012
    MILLINGEN, Jerermy E. V.1002024/098
    MORRIS, Bryan P.1012024/013
    MORRIS, Sheldon O.2402024/077
    MORRISON, Mala J.2132024/078
    MORRISON, Ruth A.168'2024/023
    MUNDA, Francois D. R.2042024/079
    NELSON, Lydia M.2052024/046
    O'CONNOR, David P.1892024/014
    O'CONNOR, Mario2222024/080
    QUEST, Winston D. D.1962024/032
    ROBINSON, Lucan O.1972024/047
    SAMUELS, John M.2152024/081
    SEIVRIGHT, Lisa M.1732024/024
    SHAW, A. Christopher067'2024/048
    SHAW, Stacie-Ann 1982024/099
    SITTOL, Jody-Ann2162024/049
    SITTOL, Ravi2082024/050
    SMITH, Adrian O.1852024/033
    SONRON, Patience B.1542024/015
    STANBURY-SMITH, Camiel S.1742024/082
    STIEBEL, Douglas O.060'2024/103
    TATE, Gavern D.1792024/083
    TAYLOR, L. Mark071'2024/016
    TAYLOR, Mark A. B.1372024/017
    TAYLOR, Susan J.1252024/016
    TAYLOR-JONES, Andrea T.1552024/084
    THOMPSON, Junior P.2012024/085
    THORBOURNE, Paul A.023'2024/052
    VASSELL, Deno A.2372024/019
    WEBB, Dewayne K.2292024/020
    WEBSTER-WRIGHT, Jasmane2172024/086
    WHYMS-STONE, Christopher L.1522024/104
    WHYTE, Leighton A.1932024/087
    WILLIAMS, Everton C.1162024/088
    WILLIAMS, Sana A.2382024/040
    WOOD, Garfield O.1882024/053
    WOODSTOCK, Robert V.016'2024/021
    WRIGHT, Omari D.2302024/089
    YAP, Clifton M.073'2024/092


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